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The London Private Orthoptist

Providing Specialist Eye Care for Children & Adults

A-Z Squint dictionary

Helping you see things differently

Eye squints can cause double vision, headaches and anxiety. We offer speedy, tailored and professional advice to help children and adults manage and treat the condition and its underlying symptoms.

Adult care and treatment

Full assessment and treatment of squint, ocular motility and binocular vision disorders. Expert advice on correcting binocular vision disorders using vision therapy and prisms.

Stroke rehabilitation

Strokes can affect the visual pathway of your eyes leading to issues with your sight, including visual field loss blurry vision and double vision. Full post stroke assessments,  advice and rehabilitation.

Children’s care and treatment

Early detection of eye turning is vital for a child's development. We offer child friendly examinations to accurately detect squints.
We also offer visual stress assessments and treatment using vision therapy for children who have dyslexia, ADHD or have difficulty reading.


"It starts with a chat"

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Jayesh Khistria MSc. BMedSci (Hons)

From childhood to adult life, we are here for you

We specialise in eye movement disorders, including eye squints, diplopia and binocular vision, through every stage of life.

Diagnosing an eye squint as early as possible helps to reduce the chances of developing amblyopia, or ‘lazy eye’ as it is more commonly known. Over time, eye squints can cause physical symptoms such as double vision or eye strain, and psychosocial symptoms including anxiety and self-consciousness.

What is a Squint

What is a squint ?

Eye squint, also known as Strabismus, is a condition that results in the eyes turning so that they look in different directions.

This means that the eyes no longer work as a unified pair; whilst one eye focuses on an object or in a specific direction, the other turns to look right, left, up or down. There are many possible causes of eye turning, including genetic conditions, infections and some more serious conditions. But, eye squint can be treated and managed, leading to an improved quality of life

About our clinic
Treatment solutions for squints

We work closely with our patients to diagnose and treat eye squints. Strabismus affects everyone differently - some can be treated with exercise or special glasses, whilst for others more serious measures including surgery, can be recommended. Management and treatment can include:

Management and treatment can include:

Tailored exercises to increase eye strength


Measuring your squint and correcting double vision by applying prisms to your glasses

Advising on surgery and botulinum toxin injectionsreducing spasms in the muscles around your eye

We will help make the day-to-day management of your eye condition as simple as possible. We’ll be with you on every step of your journey, from offering you a clear diagnosis to providing consultative services in the lead up to surgery.

Jayesh Khistria
Meet our resident Orthoptist

Our friendly clinic is run by Jayesh Khistria MSc. BMedSci, an Orthoptist with over ten years experience in specialist eye care. He has worked at some of the UK’s most respected eye clinics including Oxford Eye Hospital and Moorfields Eye Hospital. 


Since his Masters’ degree in Clinical Ophthalmology (UCL), Jayesh has worked alongside some of the UK’s top squint surgeons — diagnosing, referring and treating both children and adults.  Jayesh continues to work as a Consultant Orthoptist for Moorfields South, managing all orthoptics patients across Moorfields, St George’s and Croydon hospitals and specialising in glaucoma and neuro-ophthalmology.



If you would like to book an appointment, make an enquiry or simply find out more about our services and fees, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear from you. Our clinic is based in Clapham, South London.

What to expect from your first appointment


Your first appointment usually takes around 30 minutes and includes a series of simple assessments to help us create a tailored plan just for you. We will ask for a detailed history to help us fully understand your symptoms and concerns.


  • What your assessments may include:
    Visual Acuity: You’ll probably already be familiar with this test that measures your vision using a chart. Cover Test: A simple test designed to check how well your eyes are coordinated and to check for squints. Ocular Motility: By looking into a moving light, we’ll be able to determine how well your eyes move and can identify causes of double vision. Stereopsis: A 3 tiered test to measure your depth perception, helping us to identify difficulties with reading and eye strain. Prism Cover Test: Another simple test to measure how large your squint is so that we can prescribe prisms and other treatments.
  • What to bring to your first appointment:
    To help make your first appointment as simple as possible, it would be helpful if you could provide: ● Any letters or documents from previous eye consultations. ● A list of current medications including eye drops. ● Your glasses (including those worn for reading, driving and long distance).
  • How much are consultation fee's?
    Consultation Fee's start at £80.00
  • Where are your clinics located?
    We have sessions available at the following sites: Harley Street Kingston Moorfields Private- City Road Clapham Junction Wood Street Clinic
  • Do you see insurance patients?
    Yes we see both insurance and self pay patients.

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Mother and Son

Mrs S. Wallis

I wanted to say a huge thank you for the way in which you approached my son Luka's visit to the eye clinic. The visit was made so much more relaxed by your thoughtful manner and child friendly approach. Much appreciated!!

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